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Sometimes, it can be hard looking like you have it all together on the outside but feeling like you are falling apart on the inside. You are the role model to many, but at times, you, too, need someone to connect with and talk to. It can be frustrating when those connections, just aren’t there.

You attained what you were told was a successful life in a country far from home and you feel that you should be happy, but aren’t. When you try to talk to family, you are told that “you are lucky.” But it doesn’t feel that way. You missed weddings, holidays, and funerals and all those little moments in between that keep loving relationships alive. Now, you can be among many and feel alone.

You look in the mirror and feel like a failure. You imagine all sorts of alternatives to have the life that you want but stop yourself because of fear of falling short of expectations. You were the dutiful child, the supportive spouse, the caring sibling, cousin, friend… But feel a disconnect and never feel that the relationship is returned. Those feelings of resentment can grow and may even become debilitating making the loneliness worse.

You start to ask yourself…

What am I doing?
Am I a failure?
Do I belong?
Will I be accepted?
Can I relate?
Did I make a mistake?

Tara Genovese, LCSW

I can be there for you and support you on your journey. I can assist you in coping with the stress and anxiety that comes with adapting and living in a different culture with different traditions and environments, while still holding onto your core values. We will take this path together and create your vision of success while exploring who you truly are. Life in a different country, even after many years of living here, can take a hit on your self-esteem, so we will find what is really important to you and focus on those personalized goals.

Start living the life you deserve. Just reach out and

Start living the life you deserve. Just reach out!

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