Push Through All the Resistance

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Pushing Through the Resistance

Are you ready? The next step always seems far scarier than it actually is. At this point, you have done the work and the reflection so now its time to do! If you haven’t come to this point yet, it’s ok. It can take years before you know what the change you want to make […]


Creating the Road Map

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I know what I want but I don’t know how to get there. I’m really good at having the ideas, but not so good at the follow-through. What do you do when your inspiration finally hits, but the action doesn’t seem to follow? All right, so you made it this far! We went from exploring […]

How To

Starting Anew! Time to Explore.

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New beginnings are full of excitement but at the same time can be full of fear and self-doubt. It’s even worse when you feel like you are finally established to then turn around and want none of it. “What do I do now?” you ask yourself. You feel stuck and that you will trudge in […]