The Importance of Empathy

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Two female friends displaying empathy and vulnerability

You hear from your loved one about their struggle and you’ve tried to be there for them the best way you know how. Your loved one may not live so close to you. Distance makes the barrier higher for you to traverse. You don’t feel like you’re making headway. You wonder if only it weren’t […]


The Challenge and Reward of Vulnerability

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Sitting at the table, you listen to everyone’s chatter floating around you. You are fully engaged in the conversation, but either you don’t know what to say or how to say it. You don’t want to be the odd person out. Yet, you have some trepidation with speaking to others comfortably about what is going […]

The Journey

The Waiting Game Survival Guide

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Woman checking email every 5 seconds

You’ve applied to a million jobs and all you can hear is the sound of crickets in the background. You question everything on your resume. You second think your education from back home and ask, is that acceptable enough? Your work history is not in the United States, would they be willing to take the […]