The opportunity for a chance for a better-paid job or to build your own business, a stable economy or political environment to raise a family, or freedoms to speak your mind or to love who you want in order for you to have a better life appealed to you and/or your family, but you are now overwhelmed with stress, nervousness, loneliness, and fear.

or keep reading to find out how I can help!

or keep reading to find out how I can help!


Being a successful professional does not make you immune to having to face situations that can be overwhelming. The day-to-day feelings of failure, stress, and anxiety still exist. As a professional that has immigrated to the United States, one could think making a better way of life would eliminate the stresses of cultural or socio-economic challenges. This is not true. We all have been under pressure to be successful, but the added pressures of the immigration processes, acculturation processes, and drastic changes to major social dynamics have only made new and complex challenges. All you want is relief and to breathe easy in your own skin.


You are extremely busy handling your daily tasks finding time to keep up with family or friends can be a chore. You don’t even know how to open up to them anymore or feel that they could understand. For some in your life, it feels like all they do is ask for something and then degrade your hard work to achieve the life you wanted. Communication to others around the world is easier than ever, but it’s still difficult to find people that can understand you.


You find yourself annoyed, frustrated, or even angry. You might not even realize you are angry or recognize that certain actions are having a negative impact on your life. You are active in living your life but it is hard to ignore people who refuse to give you the benefit of the doubt simply because you are different from them. The dream you envisioned is not your reality, and you are upset that things are not as they seem. You hold back your frustrations because of fear…fear of failure, fear of being alone, fear of being hurt, fear of not relating, fear of being judged…

Your story and who are as an individual is important!
You can have the life you envisioned!

Your story and who are as an individual are important!
You can have the life you envisioned!

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