Free Consultation

Ahead of your free consultation, we ask that you please fill out the following Pre-Consultation Questionnaire. This will allow us to spend less time on general information, and get right to how we can help you.

    1. How did you hear about me?
    GooglePsychology TodayOpen PathiTherapyReferred by Family Member or FriendReferred by a Healthcare ProviderOther

    2. Which services are you interested in?
    Individual Therapy (exclusively online)LCSW supervisionImmigration Mental Health EvaluationOther

    3. I offer individual therapy and complete immigration mental health evaluations exclusively through a video telehealth platform. Do you feel comfortable learning new technologies? Are comfortable or have you used video chat platforms before?
    Yes, absolutely!No.Maybe

    4. Have you contacted your insurance and verified your behavioral health benefits specifically for telehealth psychotherapy?
    YesNo (It is strongly encouraged that you contact your insurance if you plan to use your benefits.)

    5. Please, provide a brief description of why you would like to start therapy.
    6. Have you been to therapy before? When was the last time you saw your former therapist? For how long did you see your therapist?

    7. If you were in therapy before, what were some of the goals that you worked on? Did you feel like you accomplish those goals? If not, why?
    8. I typically recommend starting with weekly therapy and as we start accomplishing the goals that we have set up, tapering off from there. Are you comfortable with that?