Immigration Mental Health Evaluations

You want to build the strongest immigration case possible. You’re putting a lot of time and effort into this immigration process – why would you leave any stone unturned? A mental health evaluation may be a tipping point to better support your application.

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You may already know a mental health evaluation can aid your case, but with the current state of events and immigration law seemingly changing monthly with each executive order or other policy change, how do you have time to manage this as well? The immigration system already was complex and difficult to navigate. You simply want the best for your clients and you need to make sure your client selects mental health clinicians that are trustworthy and reliable.

The answer is easy – let me handle it for you.

I’ll work directly with your client to schedule their assessment and I’ll provide my full, detailed report in a timely manner. Communication will be clear, effective, and professional. Your client is in safe hands and will be provided with the utmost quality of care. All you’ll have to do is put me in touch with your client and I’ll give you my evaluation that could help make a difference in your case. 



A mental health evaluation may be a tipping point to better support your application but you are apprehensive about opening up so much of your life to a stranger. You may have never spoken to a mental health professional or even spoken of the intimate experiences or fears you have to your family or those you hold dearest to you.

I strive to create a safe and comfortable environment for all my clients to speak freely without fear of judgement. I am Spanish speaking and have an extensive knowledge of Latin America as well as an expertise in working with South Asian clients. We will work at your pace to discuss how it will be for you and your family if your loved one is deported or you had to return to your former country. We will explain every aspect written in your evaluation that will be shared with your lawyer. It is important to select the evaluator that not only can create a comprehensive evaluation for your application, but also a safe and warm place.

Your story and who are as an individual is important!
You can have the life you envisioned!