LCSW Supervision

So you are fresh out of graduate school or you want to advance your career from a Master of Social Work to a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), and you don’t know what to do. You realize you do not have access to a qualified person with your current employer to provide you supervision. You find yourself searching for a supervisor that is nurturing and engaging and at the same time, enthusiastic and experienced in their career. Even better, the supervisor has the same desire in working with immigrant populations.

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I am that person who can be your mentor and provide you with the specialized supervision to advance your career. I will guide you through the process of achieving your LCSW and support you in gaining further insight into your client caseload. I will not only help expand your career, but I will challenge you to discover your passion for empowering those who need ‘someone in their corner.’ With my specialty in working with immigrant populations and extensive knowledge of historical socio-political factors of Latin America and South Asia, we can expand your cultural competency. After all, cultural competency isn’t just one course you take in grad school – it’s an ongoing education and evolution. We can use those discussions around cultural competency to create targeted interventions to achieve client care plan goals in your clinical work.

Tara Genovese, LCSW

My job is to provide feedback informed by my experience and make sure you feel confident in your skills in order to propel you in your specialization. This will include creating a safe place to not only know and expand upon your strengths, but to also examine the privilege we have as clinicians to pinpoint our own biases or countertransference and possible blindspots we have that could be barriers to us in the therapeutic milieu. We will make sure you feel comfortable with diagnosing and interventions based on theoretical frameworks. This will help you connect what you learned in school to what you provide in your clinical practice. With our dedicated hours of supervision, we will not only help to get you one step closer to your LCSW, we will empower you to become a well rounded clinician and strive toward your dreams.

Your story and who are as an individual is important!
You can have the life you envisioned!